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Results: 1 - 30 of 30
A Fox in a Monsoon
by Tricia McMahon (Author)

The Nothing
by Hanif Kureishi (Author)

Five Weeks in a Balloon
by Jules Verne (Author)

by John H. McGlynn (Author), Leila S Chudori (Author)

The Scarlet Letter
by Nathaniel Hawthorne (Author)

by Anais Barbeau-Lavalette (Author), Rhonda Mullins (Translator)

Girl Meets Boy
by Ali Smith (Author)

Mr Love and Justice
by Colin MacInnes (Author)

by Richard Flanagan (Author)

Tom Jones
by Henry Fielding (Author)

by Karl Marlantes (Author)

Fifteen Dogs
by André Alexis (Author)

Mad dogs & Co
by Chart Korbjitti (Author)

White Hunger
by Aki Ollikainen (Author)

Damascus Nights
by Rafik Schami (Author)

by George A Fowler (Author), Korrie Layun Rampan (Author)

Maybe This Time
by Alois Hotschnig (Author), Tess Lewis (Translator)

by Alfred de Musset (Author)

Tropic of Capricorn
by Henry Miller (Author)

The river is the river
by Jonathan Buckley (Author)

Death by Water
by Kenzaburo Oe (Author)

Home and Exile
by Chinua Achebe (Author)