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Results: 1 - 50 of 165
Hindustani Music Today
by Deepak S. Raja (Author)

Bizet in Italy
by Hugh MacDonald (Author)

The Music of Frederick Delius
by Jeremy Dibble (Author)

by Victor Lederer (Author)

Classical Music
by Michael Beckerman (Author), Paul Boghossian (Author)

Harmony Through Melody
by Charles Horton (Author), David A. Byrne (Author), Lawrence Ritchey (Author)

German Song Onstage
by Natasha Loges (Author), Laura Tunbridge (Author)

Sounds Like Helicopters
by Matthew Lau (Author)

Paul Dukas
by Laura Watson (Author)

The Music of James MacMillan
by Phillip A. Cooke (Author)

Experiencing Debussy
by Teresa Davidian (Author)

Vincent Persichetti
by Andrea Olmstead (Author)

Speaking the Piano
by Susan Tomes (Author)

Hanns Eisler's Art Songs
by Heidi Hart (Author)

That Jealous Demon, My Wretched Health
by Jonathan Noble (Author)

Experiencing Berlioz
by Melinda P. O'Neal (Author)


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