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Results: 1 - 50 of 76
Africanizing Oncology
by Marissa Mika (Author)

Centers of the Cancer Universe
by Donald L. Trump (Author), Eric T. Rosenthal (Author)

Fast Facts: Immuno-Oncology
by S. Clarke (Author), B.T. Li (Author)

Oncoviruses: Cellular and Molecular Virology
by Abubakar Yaro (Author)

Constitutional Oncogenetics
by Noureddine Boukhatem (Author)

TNM Atlas
by James D. Brierley (Editor), Hisao Asamura (Editor), Elisabeth van Eycken (Editor), Brian Rous (Editor)

The Peripheral T-Cell Lymphomas
by Owen A. O'Connor (Editor), Won Seog Kim (Editor), Pier L. Zinzani (Editor)

Fast Facts: Measurable Residual Disease
by J. Loke (Author)

Fast Facts: CAR T-Cell Therapy
by R.J. Buka (Author), A.J. Kansagra (Author)

Fast Facts: Clinical Trials in Oncology
by A. Hackshaw (Author), G.C.E. Stuart (Author)

Medicine and oncology. Illustrated history
by Massimo Lopez (Author)

Medicine and oncology. Illustrated history
by Massimo Lopez (Author)

Genetic Counseling Practice
by Bonnie S. LeRoy (Editor), Patricia M. Veach (Editor), Nancy P. Callanan (Editor)

Bridging the Gap
by Bianca Di Giulio (Author), James Munson (Author)

Precision Medicine in Oncology
by Bulent Aydogan (Editor), James A. Radosevich (Editor)

The ABCs of Cancer
Therapeutic Progress in Oncology
by Jacques Barbet (Author), Adrien Foucquier (Author), Yves Thomas (Author)

Fast Facts: Biosimilares
by P. Cornes (Author), D. Bennett (Author)

by William K. Oh (Editor), Ajai Chari (Editor)

TNM Supplement
by Christian Wittekind (Editor), James D. Brierley (Editor), Anne Lee (Editor), Elisabeth van Eycken (Editor)

Fast Facts: Peripheral T-cell Lymphoma
by F. Foss (Author), M. Ahearne (Author), C.P. Fox (Author)

Fast Facts: Cutaneous T-cell Lymphoma
by P.L. Haun (Author), J.J. Scarisbrick (Author)

Fast Facts: Leukemia
by J. Loke (Author), B. Savani (Author)

Fast Facts: Myeloproliferative Neoplasms
by R.A. Mesa (Author), C.N. Harrison (Author)

Laryngeal Cancer
by Rogério A. Dedivitis (Author), Giorgio Peretti (Author), Ehab Hanna (Author)

Fast Facts: Ovarialkarzinom
by C. Fotopoulou (Author), T.J. Herzog (Author)

Fast Facts: Lymphoma
by C. Hatton (Author), G. Collins (Author), J. Sweetenham (Author)

Cancer Prevention and Screening
by Rosalind A. Eeles (Editor), Christine D. Berg (Editor), Jeffrey S. Tobias (Editor)

Fast Facts: Acute Myeloid Leukemia
by W. Blum (Author), V. Mathews (Author)

Fast Facts: Biosimilars
by P. Cornes (Author), D.J. Bennett (Author)

Fast Facts: Bladder Cancer
by S.P. Lerner (Author), I.D. Davis (Author)

Holland-Frei Cancer Medicine
by Robert C. Bast (Editor), Carlo M. Croce (Editor), William N. Hait (Editor), Waun Ki Hong (Editor), Donald W. Kufe (Editor), Martine Piccart-Gebhart (Editor), Raphael E. Pollock (Editor), Ralph R. Weichselbaum (Editor), Hongyang Wang (Editor), James F. Holland (Editor)

TNM Classification of Malignant Tumours
Thriver Soup
by Heidi Bright (Author)

Beyond the Baldness
by Mark Pilgrim (Author)


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