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Results: 1 - 50 of 326
Tax and Time
by Anthony C. Infanti (Author)

Policing Bodies
by I. India Thusi (Author)

Revise SQE Criminal Law
by Mark Thomas (Author), Samantha Pegg (Author)

Halfway House
by Liam Martin (Author)

Labour Law in Practice
by Andrew Levy (Author)

Prison by Any Other Name
by Maya Schenwar (Author)

The Role of the Defense Lawyer
by Ed Johnston (Author)

Women in the Sky
by Hwasook Nam (Author)

Putin's Labor Dilemma
by Stephen Crowley (Author)

A Descending Spiral
by Marc Bookman (Author)

The Love Challenge
by Elisa Jimenez (Author)

Employment and Labour Law Toolbox, 2/e
by Paul Wearing (Author)

Crimes Against Humanity
by Nergis Canefe (Author)

Courtroom Trials in Jewish History
by Esther Zaretsky (Author)

Camp Cadet
At Any Cost
by Stephen Timm (Author)

Juvenile Delinquency
by Cliff Roberson (Author), Elena Azaola (Author)

A Practical Guide to IT Law
by Jennifer Pierce (Author), Stuart Smith (Author), Nikki Cordell (Author), Sam De Silva (Author), Sara Ellacott (Author), Victoria Hordern (Author), Stewart James (Author), Andrew Katz (Author), Andy Lucas (Author), Jeremy Holt (Editor), Jeremy Newton (Editor)


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