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Results: 1 - 50 of 220
The Shriek of Silence
by David Patterson (Author)

The Lion and the Star
by Jonathan Friedman (Author)

Holocaust Learning and Morality
by Shay Efrat (Author)

Berlin's Hollow Homes
by Trevor Carroll (Author)

Romania's Holy War
by Grant T. Harward (Author)

Remember This
by Clark Young (Author), Derek Goldman (Author), Madeleine Albright (Author), Stuart Eizenstat (Author), Aminatta Forna (Author), Azar Nafisi (Author), Leo J. O'Donovan (Author), Samantha Power (Author), Cynthia P. Schneider (Author), Timothy Snyder (Author), David Strathairn (Author), Deborah Tannen (Author)

How Did It Happen?
by Christoph Dieckmann (Author), Rūta Vanagaitė (Author)

My Seven Lives
by Jana Juráňová (Author), Agneša Kalinová (Author)

The Indoctrination of the Wehrmacht
by Bryce Sait (Author)

Because others forget (Translated)
by Bruno Piazza (Author)

Do Not Disclose
by Leora Krygier (Author)

Prologue to Annihilation
by Stephen H. Norwood (Author)

Take the Child and Disappear
by Nina Bassat (Author)

The Ransom of the Jews
by Radu Ioanid (Author), Cristina Marine (Translator)

The Towns of Death
by Mirosław Tryczyk (Author), Frank Szmulowicz (Translator)

One Family
by Andrew Kolin (Author)

On the Death of Jews
by Nadine Fresco (Author)

Drunk on Genocide
by Edward B. Westermann (Author)

"Meeting" Anne Frank
by Tim Whittome (Author)

The Power of Forgiveness
by Eva Mozes Kor (Author)

History, Metahistory, and Evil
by Barbara Krawcowicz (Author)

by Adam Kammerling (Author)

After the Holocaust
by Charlotte Schallié (Editor), Helga Thorson (Editor), Andrea van Noord (Editor)



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