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Results: 1 - 50 of 869
Shadow of Spain
by Fiona Buckley (Author)

Spirits and Smoke
by Mary Miley (Author)

The Murder Dance
by Sarah Rayne (Author)

Mr Campion's Wings
by Mike Ripley (Author)

The Dead Cry Justice
by Rosemary Simpson (Author)

A Counterfeit Suitor
by Darcie Wilde (Author)

At Night to Die
by Henrietta Hamilton (Author)

The Tangled Miracle
by Bertram Brooker (Author)

Eliza Thomson Investigates
by Vl McBeath (Author)

Dark Queen Watching
by Paul Doherty (Author)

The Deadliest Sin
by Jeri Westerson (Author)

The Rage Of The Reviled
by Guido Pagliarino (Author)

The Pickwick Murders
by Heather Redmond (Author)

Hawley Hill Manor
by B. J. Conner (Author)

Murder at Mallowan Hall
by Colleen Cambridge (Author)

Murder in an English Glade
by Jessica Ellicott (Author)

Year of the Hoopoe
by Southard,Jeff (Author)

Treachery at Hursley Park House
by Claire Gradidge (Author)

The Moorland Murderers
by Michael Jecks (Author)

by Sally Spencer (Author)

Death's Long Shadow
by Judith Cutler (Author)

The Day of the Serpent
by Cassandra Clark (Author)

Cry of the Hangman, The
by Susanna Calkins (Author)

The Riverwoman's Dragon
by Candace Robb (Author)

The Lodger
by Marie Belloc Lowndes (Author)

The Keening
by Anne Emery (Author)

The Artist Colony
by Joanna FitzPatrick (Author)

The House of Death
by Peter Tremayne (Author)

Vile Spirits
by John MacLachlan Gray (Author)

A Dreadful Destiny
by Rosemary Rowe (Author)

Murder at Wakehurst
by Alyssa Maxwell (Author)

Murder Most Fair
by Anna Lee Huber (Author)

The Kidnap Murder Case
by S.S. Van Dine (Author)

A Corruption of Blood
by Ambrose Parry (Author)

In The Lion's Sign
by Stefano Vignaroli (Author)

The Man Who Wasn't There
by Henrietta Hamilton (Author)

Brass Lives
by Chris Nickson (Author)

Murder at Standing Stone Manor
by Eric Brown (Author)

Bright Young Things
by Jane A. Adams (Author)

Murder in an Orchard Cemetery
by Cora Harrison (Author)

The Winter Murder Case
by S.S. Van Dine (Author)

The Gracie Allen Murder Case
by S.S. Van Dine (Author)

Summary of The Lost Apothecary
by Alexander Cooper (Author)

The Murder Book
by Lissa Marie Redmond (Author)

Murder on Principle
by Eleanor Kuhns (Author)