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Results: 1 - 50 of 1,021
How Does God Talk to Us?
by Frank Hofmann (Author), Glenn R. Sandberg (Translator)

Being Missional, Becoming Missional
by Banseok Cho (Author)

Creativity and Captivity
by Uday Balasundaram (Author)

Passage to India
by Enrico Beltramini (Author)

Second Tolstoy
by Steve Hickey (Author)

Contextualization or Syncretism?
by Derek Brotherson (Author)

Narrative Identity
by Trevor Castor (Author)

On Poetry and Philosophy
by Brayton Polka (Author)

Darkest before the Dawn
by Richard R. Cook (Author)

The Quest for Authority
by Matthew Prevett (Author)

I Alone Am Left
by Jeremy D. Otten (Author)

American Pope
by Sean Swain Martin (Author)

And Their Eyes Were Opened
by Ray McAllister (Author)

Mirrors of Self
by Jonathan P. Badgett (Author)

Origen’s Revenge
Children of the Massacre
by Linda Banks (Author), Robert Banks (Author)

The Fourfold Gospel, Volume 2
by John DelHousaye (Author)

On Tragedy and Transcendence
by Khegan M. Delport (Author)

Kinship in the Household of God
by Cynthia Tam (Author)

The Aesthetics of Discipleship
by Adrian Coates (Author)

An Unpromising Hope
by Thomas R. Gaulke (Author)

The Doctrine of the Incarnation Opened
by Edward Irving (Author), Alexander J. D. Irving (Editor)

Musical Scores and the Eternal Present
by Chiara Bertoglio (Author)

by Joel L. Parkyn (Author)

O Woman, Great is Your Faith!
The Bible and Immigration
by Markus Zehnder (Author)

Unscripted Spirituality
by Michael S. Moore (Author)

The Politics of the Crucified
by John C. Peet (Author)

Stepping Stones to a Higher Vision
by Joseph P. Schultz (Author)

And We Shall Learn through the Dance
by Kathleen S. Turner (Author)

Not Beyond Language
Holy Work with Children

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