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Results: 1 - 50 of 181
Academic Writing
by Ajay Semalty (Author)

Physical Pharmaceutics
by Manavalan R (Author), Ramasamy C (Author)

Agriculture in India
by Mohan Kanda (Author)

Cosmetics for the Skin
by Mohiuddin A.K. (Author)

Social and Preventive Pharmacy
by K. Ravi Shankar, (Author), Sridevi M. (Author), A. Lakshmana Rao (Author)

Handbook for Designing Cement Plants
by Deolalkar S. P. (Author)

Pharmacy Practice
by Sanjay B. Bari (Author), Vishal C Gurumukhi (Author), Pravinkumar V Ingle (Author)

Cracking the Generics Code
by Subba Rao Chaganti (Author)

Organic Name Reactions
by Sanjay B. Bari (Author), Vinod G Ugale (Author)

A Textbook of Pharmacy Practice
Structural Classification of Drugs
by Nayanapalli Pramod (Author), G M Basha (Author)

Advanced Pharmacology
by Bikash Medhi (Author), Ajay Prakash (Author)

Signals, Systems and Communication
by B.P. Lathi (Author)

Communication Skills
by Vb Rao (Author)

Footprints of Toxicology in India
by Ankita Pandey (Author), Ab Pant (Author)

Phytochemicals for Diabetic Complications
by Ciddi Veeresham (Author), Ajmera Rama Rao (Author)

Novel Drug Delivery Systems
by D. K. Tripathi (Author), Amit Alexander (Author)

Practical Manual of Analytical Chemistry
by Neelam Singla (Author), Navneet Kaur (Author), Kanchan Kohli (Author)

Finite Element Analysis
by Lakshmi Narasaiah (Author)

Organic Chemistry
by V. Alagarsamy (Author)

The Hysteresis Machines
by S.C. Bhargava (Author)

Climate Change
by R. R. Kelkar (Author)

Introduction to Pharmaceutical Analysis
by Dr. D.K. Tripathi (Author), Hemant R. Badwaik (Author), Shiv Shankar Shukla (Author)

Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic
by C. Naga Bhaskar (Author), G. Vijay kumar (Author)


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