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Results: 1 - 50 of 1,591
The Appalachian Archive
Revelation’s Seal Team Six
by Christopher Walls (Author)

Windows of the Heavens
by Henry G. Brinton (Author)

by David Simmonds (Author)

In the Care of Plenty
by Allan HughJr. Cole (Author)

Answered Prayers
by Tiffany Zweifel (Author)

A Fresh Cup of Tolerance
by Thomas L. Norris (Author), Cate Norris (Editor)

by Shelly Boggs (Author)

American Honey
by Sarah M. Wells (Author)

Wrestling with Angels
by Paul Mayer (Author)

Burnt Pot Island
by Karen Dove Barr (Author)

by Edgar Stubbersfield (Author)

Restore Me
by Elyse Maupin-Thomas (Author)

What Remains
by Benjamin Garrett (Author)

A Thousand More Amens
by Jeff Voth (Author)

I Am Lazarus
by James Davison (Author)

by Lauren Faith Ryals (Author)

A Woodland Tale
by Joseph C. Posner (Author)

Love of Finished Years
by Diane De Pisa (Author)

by H. H. Charles (Author)

More Christ, More Me
by Eunice Lee (Author)

Two Hearts Dancing
by Andrew Ramer (Author), Raven Wolfdancer (Illustrator)

Divine Light
by Michael H. Mitias (Author)

Ancient Kings and Everyday Lessons
by Alan Dodd (Author)

Tears of Christepona
by Carter Heyward (Author)

Presence in Solitude
by Robert C.Jr. Beckman (Author)

Fight the Good Fight of Faith
by R. C. Jette (Author)

Jesus Shall Reign
by Gary Tuck (Author)

Somewhere Beyond the Body
by T. P. Bird (Author)

And Yet . . .
Amending the Christian Story
by Ron Rude (Author)

When All Else Fails
by Charles R. Ringma (Author)

Chasing Wind
by Slade Nakoff (Author)

Productive Leadership
by Roy L. Spore (Author)

Feeling the Silence
by Charles A. Kohl (Author)

The 44th Legacy
by H. H. Charles (Author)

Corazon and the Mestiza
by Joel Gaines (Author)