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Results: 1 - 50 of 1,497
The Apocryphal Gospels
by Jens Schröter (Author), Wayne Coppins (Translator)

Karl Barth
by Karel Blei (Author), Allan J. Janssen (Translator)

A Wilderness Zone
by Walter Brueggemann (Author)

Staying Human
by Harris Bor (Author)

The Priority of Mind
by Keith Ward (Author)

by Donald Wallenfang (Author)

by Jimi Calhoun (Author)

Religion in America Today
by Richard Stivers (Author), J. M. van der Laan (Author)

The Philosopher’s Playground
by Jacob L. Goodson (Author)

Someone Has to Care
by Christian Scharen (Author)

The Brain and the Spirit
by Gena St. David (Author)

By What Authority?
by Jerome H.Sj Neyrey (Author)

Evolution and Eschatology
by Graeme Finlay (Author)

The End Times, Again?
by Martyn Whittock (Author)

A Fragile Hope
by Charles R. Ringma (Author)

Seven Days of Faith, 2d Edition
by R. Paul Stevens (Author)

United in Love
Solving the Synoptic Puzzle
by Eric Eve (Author)

Creation of History
by Michael R. Cosby (Author)

In Season
by Luke Timothy Johnson (Author)

Called to Bless
by Robert D. Cornwall (Author)

The Radiance of God
by Douglas M. Koskela (Author)

Think Red
by Larry Stoess (Author)

Trespassing on the Mount of Olives
by Brad Davis (Author)

Faith Encounters of the Third Kind
by David J. Brewer (Author)

The Fullness of Time
by Kara N. Slade (Author)

Fragile Resurrection
by Ashley E. Theuring (Author)

Practical Sacramental Theology
by Bruce T. Morrill (Author)

Mending a Broken Mind
by Andrew Adam White (Author)

Arts and Preaching
by Sunggu A. Yang (Author)

The Great Digital Commission
by Caleb J. Lines (Author)

The Making of a Disciple
by Edward W. Watson (Author), Martin M. Culy (Author)