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Results: 1 - 50 of 632
The Beatle Bandit
by Nate Hendley (Author)

True Crime Philadelphia
by Kathryn Canavan (Author)

I Am a Hitman
by Anonymous Hitman (Author)

Horrific Homicides
by Thomas M. Stark (Author)

Hi, My Names Charlie
by Burkheiser,Joshua R. (Author)

Eyes of a Monster
by Ron Peterson Jr (Author)

Got Warrants?
by Timothy A. Cotton (Author)

Mafia Hit Man
by Frank Dimatteo (Author), Michael Benson (Author)

Murder in St. Charles
by Manion,John (Author)

The Soul Sucker
by Reneer,Albert (Author)

Notorious Inside the Spider
by Demo Sa'moss (Author)

A Century of Swindles
by Railey Jane Savage (Author)

by Janine Lazarus (Author)

Street Guy
by Farrell,Thomas J. (Author)

BoJack: When Loyalties Collide
by Ishee,David (Author), Saltarelli,Jack (Author)

The Business
by Dick Hobbs (Author)

Doing Accessible Social Research
by Daniela Aidley (Author), Kriss Fearon (Author)

The Forgotten Soldier
by Bennett,James M. (Author)

Deceit of Judgment
by Griffin,Guy K. (Author)

Al Capone
by Nate Hendley (Author)

The Boy on the Bicycle
by Nate Hendley (Author)

The Story of Burke and Hare
by Alexander Leighton (Author)