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Results: 1 - 50 of 12,587
Richard II
by William Shakespeare (Author)

All's Well That Ends Well
by William Shakespeare (Author)

Measure for Measure
by William Shakespeare (Author)

Contra la distopía
“Pensare il pensiero”
by Emilio Mazza (Author)

The Taming of the Shrew
by William Shakespeare (Author)

Cities of the Dead
by Joseph Roach (Author)

T. Lenartowicz
by Maria Konopnicka (Author)

La ciudad amoral
by Jorge Luis Peralta (Author)

Philosophical Siblings
by Jane F. Thrailkill (Author)

Pensar México II
by Maruan Soto Antaki (Author)

by Iván de la Nuez (Author)

La Muse trompeuse
by Ajda Latifses (Author)

Ausiàs March
Le trasformazioni dell’uomo
by Lewis Mumford (Author)

Houellebecq entre poème et prose
by Olivier Parenteau (Author)

Demonio y modelo
by José Checa Beltrán (Author)

Le spectre en son miroir
by Maria Aranda (Author)

Personaggi della Divina Commedia
by Carlo Ossola (Author)

Itinéraire d'un arabisant
by André Miquel (Author)

Reading the Obscene
by Jordan Carroll (Author)

Victorian Contingencies
by Tina Young Choi (Author)

À la trace
by Claire Cazajous-Augé (Author)

Domestick Privacies
by David Wheeler (Author)

The Spanish Ballad in English
by Shasta M. Bryant (Author)

by Robert ter Horst (Author)

Beyond the Metafictional Mode
by Robert C. Spires (Author)

Divided Fictions
by Kristina Straub (Author)

The Osier Cage
by Robert O. Evans (Author)

Ben Jonson's 'Dotages'
by Larry S. Champion (Author)

Quests of Difference
by George Douglas Atkins (Author)

Leopardi and the Theory of Poetry
by G. Singh (Author)

Andrey Bely
by Gerald Janecek (Author)

Eloquent Reticence
by Leona Toker (Author)

Mavericks on the Border
by J. Douglas Canfield (Author)

Laurel and Thorn
by Robert J. Higgs (Author)

The Feminine Reclaimed
by Stevie Davies (Author)

Rhyme and Meaning in Richard Crashaw
by Mary Ellen Rickey (Author)

Utmost Art
by Mary Ellen Rickey (Author)

The Excursion
by Frances Brooke (Author), Paula R. Backscheider (Editor), Hope D. Cotton (Editor)

Poetry Of Discovery
by Andrew Debicki (Author)

The Impossible Observer
by Robert W. Uphaus (Author)

Walter Pater
by Richmond Crinkley (Author)