Active Galactic Nuclei

by Françoise Combes (Author)
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Almost all galaxies host in their center a supermassive
black hole of mass between a million and tens of billions solar masses. Supermassive black holes grow in symbiosis
with their host galaxies across the Hubble time, occasionally accreting
surround matter, giving rise to an Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN). This book gives a general review of our current knowledge
of AGN, powered by supermassive black holes: how they are fueled by gas (or
stars) and what problems are encountered; how can we account for the wide
variety of AGN, from Seyfert/Liners to quasars, and for the two types (AGN 1
and 2) either through dust obscuration, and geometrical orientation arguments,
or through intrinsic activity difference, qualitative or quantitative. With
modern instruments, providing high resolution and sensitivity, like ALMA in
radio, or MUSE at the ESO/VLT, it is possible to unveil the interstellar medium
and stars in the circumnuclear regions, discover molecular disks and tori, in
the sphere of influence of the black holes. While AGN are accreting matter,
they are providing so much energy that part of the surrounding gas is expelled
and is observed in molecular outflows, identified as the main feedback process
of AGN on their host.

Key Features:

  • Reviews our
    current knowledge of AGN, with case studies and examples of observed AGN in
    their host galaxies.
  • Discusses the
    long-standing problem of AGN fueling and feedback, and proposes educated
    models of the circum-nuclear regions, which are still difficult to resolve.
  • Covers recent
    advances in the field of AGN research provided by current astronomical
    instrumentation (e.g., ALMA, VLT).
  • Written by a
    world-leading expert in the field.

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December 06, 2021
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