Exploring Concepts in Science for Future Discovery

by Kariba,Vusama (Author)
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The purpose of this textbook is to provide a basic understanding of scientific principles to help people and students who are interested in entering various professions and occupations involving chemistry and biology, scientific method, atomic theory, molecules and moles, the periodic table of elements, pH in terms of acids and bases, and organic chemistry. We shall also look at living things, cells, cell division, anatomy, and physiology (with particular emphasis on the cardiovascular system, circulatory system, the central nervous system, respiratory system, and the lymphatic system as it relates to immunology). There will be some discussion about nutrition, as well as a survey of genetics including the structures of DNA, duplication of DNA, RNA structure, and protein synthesis. There will be a very brief discussion of basic physics, optics, sound, astronomy, geology, and meteorology (which will help us understand how weather forecasters determine our weather from day to day).

Some mention of African American men and women who made major contributions to math and science is included to let people know that regardless of one’s color, we all have the ability to handle various professions and occupations in science or math at any level. High school students, community college students, and people who desire a basic understanding of science, as it relates to our everyday living, are encouraged to read this book. Thank you for your time.

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December 01, 2021
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