A Week at Grandma’s

A Week at Grandma’s

by Donna Hudson (Author), Sandy Slayton (Author)
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A Week At Grandma's is a perfect book for families to read together to spark conversations about what life was like when today's grandparents were growing up. It is a peek at life in the 1960's, a time before electronics found their way into every kid's hands, a time when daylight was for doing things outdoors and screen time meant getting to watch Andy Griffith on the black and white TV. Staying with their grandparents each year is a family tradition for two young sisters. At first glance it seems there is nothing to do, but the girls discover that there are big adventures to be had. While they play in the creek, run through cow pastures, help make biscuits, and listen to stories about the squares that make up the quilts they sleep under, they learn unexpected lessons from their grandparents. Even many years later, they remember those times as just perfect.

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October 28, 2021
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