The Lady In Black

The Lady In Black

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What a confusing fact, full of cross lines, that grab my interest but grow my fear up when the mystery wasn’t undiscovered for me, the mystery behind the lake that was surrounded by mysterious waters. Everyone would like to throw this episode from his memory, but it burnt my brain with all the incredible events I have ever lived with, until I got to this town, to this mysterious lake in particular.

For me, it wasn’t difficult to remember such these events, that I lived them through my trips, and this ability is what I am frightened of, not because of the possibility of getting an accident at some points of my life, but even losing it, it is just an assumed thing and that fact makes me won on my fear about it. Although there were still other events that I experienced, all leading me up to one ending that I have always drawn, which is I am about a witness of unexplained wonders.

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November 26, 2021
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