A Potter’s Vessel

by Jackson Riddle (Author)
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Praise for Born Blind –

“An extraordinary idea…” – W. S., national law firm partner

“…intriguingly explores its themes of legality and justice.” - Kirkus Reviews

“A unique novel - an education in American history played out in the lives of the protagonists.” - Rev. E. A. Schroder (tedschroder.com)

The story continues in A Potter’s Vessel -

The national crisis that erupted in Born Blind intensifies as Tennessee’s petition to withdraw from the Union goes to trial before the Supreme Court. The President and the Congress strive to pre-empt the Court’s verdict ahead of the elections of 1860. Every check and balance crafted into the Constitution is employed by the competing forces.

Does the Constitution dictate that the votes of only five justices can validate Tennessee’s withdrawal? Or does the vote of the people and the Congress trump the power of the judiciary?

Did the wisdom of the founding fathers enable the states to resolve their differences peaceably under the rule of law? Or did their compromises ensure that this constitutional case will be tried on the battlefield?

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November 21, 2021
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