The Spaceship Orion and Other Scientific Explorations

by Jeremy Bernstein (Author)
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A curation of essays penned by Jeremy Bernstein, this book is a treasure trove of personal stories ranging from Bernstein's expedition to Mount Everest, cherished encounters with the fathers of Quantum Mechanics (Werner Heisenberg, Paul Dirac and Erwin Schrodinger), to a jovial collaboration with Freeman Dyson on the Orion spaceship project.This essay collection is a door into several pieces of scientific explorations as well as the celebrated life of Jeremy Bernstein, a physicist, professor and phenomenal writer. Readers will enjoy this book as both an autobiography and a popular science reading.Contents:

  • Reflections on the Project Orion
  • The Whisperer
  • Genia and Rudi
  • The Mercator Projection
  • A Trick of Memory — 239 Central Park West
  • Lise Meitner: The Discovery of Nuclear Fission
  • The Merely Good
  • Wien Wien nur du Allein
  • The Kinder Transport
  • W H Auden et al.
  • Entanglement
  • Feynman
  • Leonhard Euler and the Atomic Bomb
  • Murder in the Academy
  • A Life
  • Proust
  • A Travesty
  • Fact and Fiction
  • Max
  • The Life it Brought
Readership: Scientists, science historians, philosophers, and laypersons interested in science and its stories.Science Essays;Biography;Project Orion;Freeman Dyson;Rudolph Peierls;Eugenia Nikolaievna Kannegiesser;Lise Meitner;Shreeram Shankar Abhyankar;Philipp Frank;Wolfgang Rindler;Wystan Hugh Auden;Reinhold Niebuhr;Ursula Niebuhr;Robert Oppenheimer;Jeremy Bernstein;Richard Feynman;Tractatus;Wittgenstein;Marcel Proust;Max Jammer;Werner Heisenberg;Paul Dirac;Erwin Schrodinger00

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October 25, 2021
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