Mary’s Comfy-Cart

Mary’s Comfy-Cart

by Daniel Pelletier (Author)
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Joseph was a carpenter. In this story, as Joseph has to take Mary with him to Bethlehem, he asks himself “What kind of carpenter would let his wife, about to have a baby, balance on a donkey for four days’ journey?”
The traditional Christmas image has Mary riding a donkey the 70-plus miles to Bethlehem. The Gospel accounts don’t tell us.
The journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem would take three days, maybe part of a fourth, and when they arrive they find “no room in the inn.” Settling in a stable, Mary gives birth to Jesus, probably very soon. This would indicate she was a few days from delivery when they left Nazareth—all the more reason not to have her perched on a donkey.
This story has Joseph the carpenter doing the right thing.

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November 14, 2021
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