George G. Whiz

George G. Whiz

by Patricia Faith Polak (Author)
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George G. Whiz is a little boy with an active imagination that collects an enormous number of pets. He lives in a house on Nottingham Street, with his mother, father, and fifty-six feet – or at least at last count!

George loves pets more than anything and he dreams of one day becoming a veterinarian, and brave lion tamer, working in a zoo. Yearning for a larger menagerie of both familiar and extraordinary pets, he perseveres so enthusiastically for ‘twins’ and ‘trios of fleas’ and many wonderful creatures, that his parents worry that he has ‘Animal-itis’. But the Doc says, “George is fine!” Parrots have him eating his carrots, handling more chores, and George happily heads to school with his new pet, Noah, for a grand finale like no other!

Filled with rhymed laughter, this colorfully illustrated witty tale, about a boy named George, leads readers on a delightfully imaginative adventure. As George dreams of filling his home with a variety of pets, ordinary and extraordinary, his parents discover the advantages of George’s increasing menagerie, as he grows to be responsible and agreeable.

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November 10, 2021
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