Crowning Conversations

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Do you feel you should be doing more with your life, but you just don’t know what? Do you have things you want to do, but you don’t know how to get started? Have you tried and failed too many times and are afraid to put yourself out there again?

Crowning Conversations helps you discover the tools to heal from your past so you can unlock the goals of your future. Packed with real-life testimonies and solutions for success, this collection of essays teaches you and inspires you to become confident in walking unapologetically in your true, authentic self. It challenges every woman to reframe her perception of a bad situation.

A career-driven serial entrepreneur, hip-hop artist and psychotherapist, stage playwright/producer/director, and fitness instructor come together from different walks of life to meet and share on common ground. They reveal a piece of their story that should have taken them out, yet they overcame. This dynamic group of empowered black women delivers authenticity, transparency, inspiration, and passion to help you reach your next level of self-awareness.

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November 08, 2021
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