Kings & Queens in Slavery

by Polina Mladenova (Author)
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Polina K Mladenova is a British/Bulgarian visionary entrepreneur leader, mother, author, whose mission is to empower kingdom leaders and believers through teaching key revelations of the Word of God, so that they can manifest the Kingdom of God in their lives by helping them to develop their full potential that God has already put in them, and to fulfil their highest calling, to become agents of impact and change through Christ.

She was born-again over two decades ago, but reborn again in Hillsong church with the committed decision to not to settle for less, but receive God's full promises, blessings, and living the abundant prosperous life He had promised her to have.
Founder of KHLOÉNOVA Beauty & Couture House, The Abundant Life Foundation Ministry, “Kings & Queens Living the Abundant Life TV Show" blessing millions of homes and has been in business for over two decades. Now teaching Entrepreneurs Business strategies, modules, Kingdom Mindset, biblical revelations on how to start, build and develop, and expand their idea vision into a 7-10 figures business. Manifesting the Kingdom of God through the Marketplace, because all belong to the children of God.

Polina K, has three children and lives in London, United Kingdom. To contact or book the author, you can send a message to

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November 03, 2021
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