A Red, White, and Blue Surprise

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The Fourth of July is right around the corner when Gavin introduces his cousin Keisha to his friends Maya, Blake, and Brett at the community pool. Later that day as the kids are walking home, they notice a bald eagle flying above them. Keisha knows this special eagle—it’s her friend Maxwell! She introduces him to the gang and explains to them that Maxwell thinks he is a soldier. Keisha’s mom is in the armed forces, and Maxwell considers it his duty to protect Keisha and her family from any and all harm. In his signature theatrical manner, Maxwell describes each branch of the armed forces and demonstrates how they protect our country. The kids are enthralled and amused by Maxwell’s showmanship as they learn about the courage and selflessness of Keisha’s mom and her family. The new friends decided to meet again on Independence Day for the Red, White, and Blue Festival. The day is filled with activities, food, and fireworks—but the best surprise of all happens a few days later at Keisha’s birthday party.

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November 03, 2021
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