Dingdang of Hopeland

Dingdang of Hopeland

by maggie sun (Author)
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Born in a happy and talented family in Hopeland—a beautiful remote village in Northwest China, little girl Dingdang was regarded as special and privileged, and thus she had problem getting close to other kids in her early school years. Despite that, all along the journey of her growing-up—from 5-year-old to 18—her genuine appreciation of the nature and little animals, her sympathy and kindness for those in need, and her enthusiasm for true friendship and love gained her abundant affection and respect from nearly everyone around her.

Her colorful childhood and adolescence in Hopeland were loaded of interesting stories, including making nomad friends, partaking in several couples’ matchmaking, turning bullies into good kids, practicing Kungfu, and volunteering companionship to lonely elders in the village, and more.

In the end, Dingdang had to leave Hopeland to study art in Canada. Her sweet memories in Hopeland, however, would always remain the most precious in her life whatever path she chose in the future.  

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Publication date
November 02, 2021
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