Dynamics of the Korean State

de Robert E Bedeski (Auteur)
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One Korea or two?The persistence of North and South Korea since 1948 has been a source of one war and fears of new wars. Although they share centuries of common culture, society and politics, the two nations differ on fundamentals today: capitalist democracy in the south and totalitarian communism in the north. Dynamics of the Korean State provides a unique overview of how humans treasure their individual lives and how these dynamics intertwine with Korean history and state evolution.The book examines the development of the Korean state from ancient times and sees its roots in the Stone Age struggle for survival. The persistent theme has been to Prolong Life — Postpone Death. Hence, the origins of every state can be found in man's Will-to-Live, and this is demonstrated in the Will/action framework offered by the author. Human Will, not material determinism or divine plan, creates the state. This primary Will generates five other Wills, which motivate actions to culminate in the state and give it a fluidity over time. The six Wills/actions are as follows: Will-to-Live/production; Will-to-Freedom/innovation; Will-to-Power/organization; Will-to-Comply/enforcement; Will-to-Transcend/political vision & religion; and Will-to-Redirect/reform, usurpation, rebellion, revolution. These in combination influence and partially determine state configuration and fluidity, creating order, disorder, war, prosperity, and poverty along the way. This book reveals the undercurrents of Korean society, politics and history from a fresh perspective. Neither pure history nor descriptive politics, it is a significant contribution to a philosophical anthropology paradigm.Contents:

  • About the Author
  • List of Abbreviations
  • Introduction
  • The Korean State and Its Paradigms: State, Candlelight Democracy, and Populist Constitutionalism
  • The State as Concept and Supplement to Human Existence
  • Ascent of the East Asian Nation-State
  • Organic Life, Human Will, and Evolution of the State
  • Producers, Will-to-Live, and the State's Material Foundation
  • Innovation and the Will-to-Freedom — Agriculture and Ancient Kingdoms
  • Organization and the Will-to-Power
  • Enforcers and Protectors — The Will-to-Comply
  • Vision and the Will-to-Transcend
  • Rebels, Usurpers and the Will-to-Redirect in the Colonial Period
  • Post-War Korea — Two Brittle Sovereignties, One Nation
  • Conclusions: Human Wills and the State
  • Bibliography
  • Index

Readership: Scholars and students of Asian affairs as well as political science teachers and researchers. A valuable library and graduate student resource. Would benefit courses on political theory, human security along with Asian history, politics and society. May also be of interest to the general public with an interest in Korea or history, politics and international relations.

State, Theory;State, Definitions;Sovereignty, Loss Of, Korea;Constitution, North and South Korea;Reform, Political;Kim Il-sung;Syngman Rhee;Nation-state, Korea;Korea, Culture;History, Korea;History, Japan;China, History;Kingship, Korea;Aristocracy, Korea;Piracy, Japan;Revolution;Dynasty, Korea;Bronze Age;Mongol Occupation, Korea;Empires, Japan, China;Russia, Relations with Korea;Heroes, Cultural;Compliance, Will To;Human Will, Motivation to Action;State-building;Philosophical Anthropology;Land Reform, Korea;Economy, Korea;Art, Korea;Culture, Korea;Religion;Buddhism;Evolution;Independence Movement, Korea;Society, Korea;Women, Korea;Family;Stone Age;Language, Korean;Printing, Korea;Confucianism, Korea;Factions, Korea;Fire, Discovery and Use;Animals, Domesticated;Hunting and Gathering;Agriculture;Security, Life;International Relations;US Foreign Policy;War, Asian;Korea, US Occupation;Defense;Army, Korea;Survival, Human0Key Features:
  • Approaches the question of "state" with innovative analysis, examining a general view on how human dynamics intertwine with Korean history and state evolution
  • Reveals the undercurrents of Korean society, politics and history from a fresh perspective. Neither pure history nor descriptive politics, it proceeds with a two-pronged (theory and history) contribution

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