The Boastful Rooster

The Boastful Rooster

by Felipe CoFreros Ph.D. (Author)
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"The Boastful Rooster" is an eye - catching book that contains a story and more. This book
is geared for pre-school children ages three and up. With a simple story and powerful
comprehension questions, "The Boastful Rooster" engages the child by focusing concentration,
improving comprehension, stimulating thought and galvanizing imagination.

This book is intended for use in the pre-school classroom. The students can answer questions, generate their own questions, act out the story or continue the story. It can be read to two and three year old students, while the older students can relate to the higher level activities.

Although the book is designed for classroom use, it can also be used in the home, and the setup in the book gives young children a chance to relate to their parents while discussing the story.

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October 13, 2021
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