The Best Treasure of All

de Osborne,Janet (Auteur)
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Four furry friends head out on a treasure hunt and find the BEST treasure of all…a new friend! They learned so many valuable lessons on their adventure. A few of these included helping someone sad to feel better by being kind and helpful. Without even realizing it, they learned how wonderful it feels to treat others the way you’d like to be treated.

Another important lesson was learning that there are consequences to all actions (good or bad). Bella Bunny had disobeyed her Mama but realized that her consequence of not being able to see her friends for a week was only out of love and to help her learn to be safe. 

Likewise, their new friend learned that she wasn’t alone in the world after all! She learned to smile and feel good about herself even though she had felt so sad before meeting them. They told her about all the things in the forest and she was so excited to hear about everything around her. She changed so much in just a few days and couldn’t wait to see her new friends again and show them that everything they told her came true. 

We all have a purpose and if we believe in ourselves, we will become exactly what we are meant to be!

Helping each other along the way is like a treasure hunt; you never know what you’ll find!

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14 octobre 2021
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