An Unsuspecting Child

de Marylee Martin (Auteur)
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An Unsuspecting Child is both a personal memoir and a psychological look at the damage done to a child from sexual, mental or physical abuse. The effects of abuse on a child can cause long-term, often hidden, heartache to that child as they travel through adulthood. Acting out, bad decisions and constant flashbacks take the child on a road that includes confusion, secrets, and the inability to understand adult relationships. Living through the mental trauma of covert abuse is difficult and may take a lifetime to overcome. Some victims become alcoholics, drug addicts, or prostitutes. For Marylee Martin, it led to mayhem in her life that she didn’t understand and couldn’t stop. In sharing her story, she encourages others-no matter what their past-to seek professional help and find freedom. Join the author as she shares how therapy helped her discover the unusual form of child abuse that she’d suffered and how she rediscovered a sense of normalcy.

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14 octobre 2021
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