Fighting for Repose

by Harry V. Peterson (Author)
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Fighting for Repose is a gripping, suspenseful, intense true-story account of Harry Peterson’s service in Vietnam onboard the Navy hospital ship, USS Repose (AH-16).

As a nineteen-year-old electrician working in the bowels of the 450-feet ship, he traversed Da Nang’s coast along the demilitarized zone, with his ship admitting and caring for critically wounded American servicemen by the hundreds.

In his foreword, Alvin J. Hower, author of No Greater Service: A Peace Corps Photo Memoir, writes, “Harry Peterson’s story reminds me of Forrest Gump! At an early age, Harry, like Forrest, is deemed a slow learner (but with a bad knee not leg), was bullied, had a love interest that was possibly involved in drugs in one way or another, and Harry was sent to Vietnam. But, like Forrest, Harry is an endearing character that always did the right thing.”

Full of life lessons on survival and laced with insights on enduring war, PTSD, and dyslexia (that was not diagnosed until he was in his 60s), this memoir will inspire you to always do your best to persevere and follow your moral compass.

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October 13, 2021
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