Mohawk Avenue

by S. E. Lewis (Author)
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It is the late 1950s in the mountains of Oakland, New Jersey, as two first cousins grow up in a wonderful Italian, multigenerational home. While Grams raises them in a nurturing environment surrounded by extended family, Susannah and Tony share an extraordinary bond fueled by an unquestionable telepathic connection.

While the cousins set out on individual coming-of-age journeys, their days are filled with food, fun, love, and an endless devotion toward each other and their families. Susannah is a mature, serious, and focused leader who excels at everything first and fiercely protects her cousin. Tony, who is equally as protective of her, is happy to be the follower. A calm, happy child, he is irresistibly charming and undeniably special. As their journeys parallel each other throughout the decades, each cousin experiences triumphs, losses, and grief while relying on resiliency and their bond to persevere as life eventually comes full circle and proves that nothing will ever fracture their connection.

In this poignant story inspired by true events, two first cousins develop a lifetime bond while growing up together in rural New Jersey.<.p>

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October 13, 2021
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