Three seconds

de Kane Banway (Autor), Noele Bouazouni (Traductor)

 “Use our T-Gate and be at your meeting in exactly three seconds!  Tired of the subway and its smells, the bus and its noise!  Take our T-Gate and forget those archaic times when the duration of a trip was a criterion for travel!*”

*Subject to status, property of Fast Food inc.

Jack is a loving father.  And as a perfect husband, he must please his wife who doesn’t want to spend 7 hours in a car when they could use a T-Gate and reach their destination in exactly three seconds.

Except that Jack doesn’t like T-Gates… But he loves his wife, so…

What wouldn’t a man do, for the love of his life?

A short story without pretension other than to entertain you for a little while…

P.S: If you liked this short story, please share or comment: negative or positive – because nothing’s perfect –, you have no idea of the impact it could have on an author in the making…

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Fecha de publicación
25 de septiembre de 2021

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