How to text a girl

How to text a girl

by Shane Farnsworth (Author)
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You met a girl you like, have a nice chat with her and you get her number. Now what next?

If you are too nervous or anxious to call her, then the next best thing would be to text her.

But, how are you going to do that without coming off too strong or boring?

What words should you use and how do you use them? How do you increase your odds of possibly moving forward to ask the girl out on a date through text?

If you'd like to learn how to text a girl you like and win her over, then keep reading…

You Are About To Discover How To Master The Art Of Texting Spellbinding Texts That Will Wow Any Girl And Make Her Fall Head Over Heels For You In No Time!

The dating world has evolved so much especially in this 21st century. Online dating has become the new way of finding soul mates and meeting new interesting people.

This has been made possible through texts, which have become the norm in today's society due to the introduction of new social media and mobile apps.

However, even with all the apps that exist, if you don't know how to text a lady in the right way then you will not stand a chance with her.

Women are sensitive people and therefore everything you do or say to them will determine how she responds to you.

Fortunately, texting gives you an edge with any woman because it allows you to come up with enticing and witty responses at the comfort of where you are.

By virtue that you are here, it is likely you already know all this and want to cut the chase in the learning process, with all the questions going through your mind.

Perhaps you are wondering…

What exactly do you text a girl to make her like you?

How long should you take before texting her?

How can you know if she's into you by the way she's texting?

If you have any of these and other related questions, this will be subject to discussion in this book.

Here is a preview of what to expect:

Ways to text a girl properly and build rapport with her and the three main texting styles you can use

The most important ground rules for texting a girl

How you can learn and know the girl by how she texts and responds to your messages

Things that lead to unreturned texts and what to do if she doesn't text back

How to split between calls and texts so that they don't interfere with each other

The 5 most damaging mistakes to avoid when texting a girl and how you can avoid them

The myths about women you should ignore and what to avoid texting her

Sure fire texting tips that will make you very attractive and how to react to the different texting styles of women

And much more

One wrong move or word and she will lose interest faster than the snap of a finger. But with this comprehensive and easy to follow guide, you can be rest assured that you will be able to get the woman you like, even if you consider yourself shy and not so good with women.

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October 14, 2021
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