This Is Always

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In This Is Always, the author explores and challenges some prevailing ideas and notions about how Blacks in America now live and have always lived life.

As he sees it, life as lived by Blacks in particular and other minorities in general is different from life that is lived by folks who are in the majority—and this is the case everywhere in the world. There is a gravitas or heaviness like none other that pervades the existence of any minority—now and any time in the past. The question is this: Does the minority live in the gravitas or on it? That is more than a philosophical question, and the answer determines the way of life for a people.

This story offers the reader a journey into the life of a people told from the viewpoint of a young man who both lived in (within the limits of) and on (above) the gravitas and who was a witness to the nuanced vision of the grandeur of the human heart and the grandeur of the people who produced that vision. As such, this story is both nonfiction and fiction—probably closer to historical fiction if you do not like propositions with conjunctives or words such as “and” or “or.”

If you are a reader who likes to read books that cross several genres but ultimately are still deeply rooted in matters related to the human condition, this is a book you will enjoy.

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October 12, 2021
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