The Kumquat Hustle

de Danny Corey (Autor)
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Rogue Wall Street trader Marty Bekoff has achieved the impossible and stolen sixty billion dollars from his investors. Too bad the FBI is onto him. Moments before the feds take him into custody, Marty squirrels away forty million dollars in several unknown locations in the wilds of Florida.

When word of the hidden loot leaks out, the chase is on. Redneck dopers, bloodthirsty mobsters, and crooked cops join the hunt for the spoils, as do octogenarian hookers and frantic ex-cons. In other words, it’s just another typical day in Florida.

In the footsteps of esteemed authors Carl Hiaasen and Tim Dorsey, Danny Corey weaves a tale of a multi-billion-dollar theft gone awry, ritual murder, meth labs and kittens. Add to that dirty cops, high-end prostitution, and the Irish and Italian mob. What could possibly go wrong?

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11 de octubre de 2021
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