Knitting for beginners

Knitting for beginners

by Mary Nabors (Author)
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Do you love to save costs or create an additional stream of income by making some of your clothing yourself? Or do you have creative clothing styles and patterns in mind that you would like to make for yourself and your loved ones? Or are you looking for a hobby that has physical, mental, and health benefits? Or do you seek a craft that can serve as a platform for building your social life and connecting with more people?

Then, you have the right tool in your hands. This book will teach you one of the most popular methods of making clothing – KNITTING. One of the most interesting facts about knitting is that you don't have to spend a fortune to get started. With this book and a few tools, you are good to go.

Even though knitting began in the middle east around the 5th century, it has become popular to the extent that, about 60% of clothing in the textile industry are made by knitting. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn this beautiful craft that is practiced by several people in different countries of the world. Knitting is fast becoming a universal language.

Knitting, like any other craft, has some technical undertones, and your ease of comprehending these technical details largely depends on the material with which you are learning. This book was written with simple and clear words that will help you understand all the technical things done when knitting. Pictures are also attached to each explained concept in this book, to assist you further to comprehend them.

There are several pieces of information out there about knitting. But this book will provide you with the essential knowledge to start knitting. Some of the concepts explained in this book are:

Types of knitting

Tools and materials used in knitting

Knitting terminologies

How to interpret knitting patterns, both text, and chart

Knitting techniques

Knitting styles

Tips to avoid common errors while knitting

This book is the tool you have been searching for. Even if you have never attempted knitting, you can learn how to knit within a few hours of reading this book and obeying the instructions contained therein. More importantly, within a few days of practicing, you will create that beautiful knitted fabric about which you have always dreamed.

This book is not only written for beginner knitters. If you have been knitting but you didn't learn some of the basics, or you find interpreting knitting instructions challenging, this book is the best for you. Also, if you are a professional knitter who does not have enough time to teach people who want to learn how to knit, you can recommend this book to them, and it will be worth it.

Nothing is holding you back from learning to knit anymore. Order this book now.

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October 12, 2021
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