by Carter A. Wilson (Author)
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Trumpism: Race, Class, Populism and Public Policy is divided into two parts. Part One examines the foundation of Trumpism: Trump's form of populism, Trump's political ideas, and Trump's base of support. The text defines Trump as a right-wing populist. His political base emerged out of four political movements: the conservative evangelical Christian, the Tea Party, the economic elite, and the white nationalist movements. Part Two examines Trump's public policy agenda. It covers labor, health care, social welfare, voting rights and police policies. A review of these policy areas reveals a consistent pattern: a public policy agenda committed to weakening labor power, hacking away at the Affordable Care Act, shredding the social safety net, eviscerating voting rights and constructing a racially repressive police state. The central theme is that despite his popular appeal to white workers and conservative evangelical Christians, Trump's public policy agenda favored the upper class, exacerbated inequality, and had its most devastating impact on low-income white workers and minorities.

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October 31, 2021
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