Be Free

A collection of personal travel essays that takes the reader on a roller-coaster ride across Africa as seen through the eyes of a solo female backpacker, Angela deJong.

When Angela stepped onto African soil for the first time, alone, she never imagined it would be just the beginning of a decade-long pursuit to hike all of the continent’s tallest peaks. It was the mountain trekking that drew her to Africa initially, but as the years went on it became clear that the mishaps and miracles that happened in between the summits were the real draw. With each uncomfortable circumstance, and every mistake, there was growth.

Follow along with Angela as she climbs Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, comes face to face with a silverback gorilla in Uganda, hikes an active volcano in the Congo, experiences her first hammam in Morocco, and eats questionable choices for survival, everywhere. With her carefree approach to travel (no cell phone, no local contacts, no concrete game plan in place) she relies heavily on gut instinct and the inherent goodness of humanity to navigate her way through each country. Some stories will make you cringe, others will make you laugh, and many will make you wonder why anyone would choose this vacation option over a comfy cruise!

Regardless of your travel preference, this book encourages you to Be Free. It's how many Africans say “be yourself.”

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3 de septiembre de 2021
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