Time Keeper

by Barry Dugac (Author)
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God’s greatest gift to us is time. Without time, there would be nothing. The measurement of time has existed for trillions of years. Each solar system in the universe is more than a billion years old.

In Time Keeper, author Barry F. Dugac helps you understand the concept of time. Through graphs and charts, he demonstrates the past, the present, and future of time.

A wealth of calendars, graphs, and charts are at your fingertips in this book, including:
•God’s measurement of time;
•Gregorian calendars;
•Zodiac signs and their cycles;
•time correction adjustment;
•the times of Jesus Christ;
•a look at the Bible through time; and more!

Dugac underscores that universal time measurement was created by God, and all the laws of physics follow the master plan of God. Take a journey from 4,999,996,761 BC all the way to the destruction of Earth in 3239 AD and learn more about the dimension of time in Time Keeper.

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October 01, 2021
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