God Revealed My Husband Was Leaving

by Lewisa DeBlake (Author)
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Life for Lewisa DeBlake was good. She embraced the wonderful love of God and her family, which she immensely adored. Therefore, she purposefully placed God into her daily life by way of spending time singing praise and worship songs to Him, listening to His Word, and teaching her children about Him too. So, imagine the traumatizing horror she felt after God showed her in a dream her husband was leaving her.
Many dreams and prophetic words followed leading Lewisa towards the plan God had for her life, but that revelation came at a high price. It caused Yury, the love of her life, to scorn her and become an emotional recluse. Simultaneously, the weight of the situation drove him into a life of lies, women, and secrets. If that wasn’t bad enough, God guided her to walk by faith and move to Dallas, TX. She lost everyone and everything obeying God’s voice. In order to survive, Lewisa suppressed her emotions of confusion, fear, heartache, and rejection, as she groped around in the dark in unfamiliar territory. However, a change is coming.

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September 24, 2021
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