This Cool Green Earth

by Don McBurney (Author)
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This Cool Green Earth is a Christian story of redemption, showing how God chooses an unlikely person to help advance His kingdom.

After touring the state, Gil and his wife purchase a large ranch and provide safe shelter for disadvantaged boys from locations across America and middle Eastern refugees who have been displaced because of religious persecution. Israel’s re-establishment as a nation-state in 1948 began the final count-down to judgment and the arrival of extinction-level events, most notably an asteroid that threatens to impact Earth. This Cool Green Earth shows readers humanity’s depravity, issues a call to repentance, presents the twin realities of a loving, merciful God who is not a “tame lion”, and the imminent arrival of cataclysmic judgment. By reading Gil’s story, readers learn to take advantage of their opportunity while Earth is still cool and green, before it turns hot and dry. This Cool Green Earth is unique in that it presents a future that is catastrophic without being dystopian.

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Publication date
October 05, 2021
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