Firework Humans

by Jessica Mead (Author)
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Firework Humans teaches readers how they can live an extraordinary life full of fireworks and steadily control their own orbit.

Founder, CEO, Investor, and Homeschool Mom, Jessica Mead has spent two decades focused on how to spark entrepreneurial instincts in her employees and children. In Firework Humans, she offers a powerful and hopeful perspective on parenting, running a business, and amplifying one’s life. She introduces the Nine Entrepreneurial Instincts that she believes every human possesses and guides readers through the process of developing these instincts into behavioral traits. These nine instincts can be developed through applied education, enabling people to grow more curious, confident, courageous, and convicted with a Growth Mindset, to ultimately become—Firework Humans.

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Publication date
October 12, 2021
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