Hybrid Work

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"This booklet is a message of hope. Hope that Covid-19 also brought beauty." Isabel De Clercq's manifesto about hybrid work will soon be published in English, after the very appreciated edition in Dutch. Are you looking forward to get yours first? Register now and you'll receive your copy as soon as available. A little treasure for keeps. Beautifully styled and playfully cunning. A headstrong conviction brought to you with grace and glee.Author Isabel De Clercq talks to you about Hybrid Work. She speaks out the hope within her. Hope for a better future. The future of the knowledge worker.Not only does she take you into her own dreams, but also crystallises the future with seven careful suggestions. Let yourself be carried away with Isabel’s magnetising prose, sharp pen and refreshing insights.Isabel hopes you do not read this book in one sitting. Read a suggestion. Close the book. Let the words reverberate.

A much needed reflexion on how to bring your effectiveness, creativity, and well-being at work to the next level!


Isabel De Clercq (1968) was born and raised in a town in East Flanders and now lives in Antwerp. As a child, every Saturday she would pay a visit to the local library, where she fell in love with language. Isabel is the author of the management book Social Technologies in Business and the short story compilation Gekruld. In your hands lies her third book.
Isabel is a lover of Hybrid Work because it brings all her favourite topics together. Lifelong learning through asynchronous knowledge sharing, productivity through focus and technology, digital language and enganced self-consciousness. It's all there.

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30 settembre 2021
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