The Quiet Place

by I. A. F Stewart (Author)

Sara is navigating the wilderness of life trying to find the quiet place; a place where she can be at peace with herself and her past. But what begins with trying to understand herself, her place in this world and her family’s history, results in the unearthing of more mysteries, more secrets and more unexplainable circumstances. Are the visions, visitations and strange happenings real or just inside her mind? The Other Place – a strange, hidden world within our own – is calling to her, trying to lure her in. But if she visits the Other Place, will she find answers or more questions? The lure of the Other Place and Sara’s desire to understand what is happening to her is too great, however, and Sara is in danger of getting lost in there forever, somewhere between this world and the other. The Quiet Place explores the parallels between fantasy and reality, dark and light, life and death. It is a story of courage, survival, facing our darkest demons and, most importantly, the resilience of the human spirit.

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September 30, 2021
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