At the Water's Edge

by John Eudy (Author)
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In this sequel to A Glorious Day in Hell, Cælius-a Roman legionnaire-learns about the one true God from Ioannes on their journey to Jerusalem. After his friend is killed on the battlefield, he goes through a conversion of heart. This conversion not only leads to God but to a change in his military status. He leaves the legion to become a sailor in the Roman Navy.

Over the next couple of years, Cælius achieves a small amount of peace as he sails the Mediterranean Sea. When his ship Pax makes port calls, he discretely visits local rabbis who teach him more about God. Unfortunately, some of his shipmates take notice of the changes in his demeanor, behaviors, and port call activities; they become suspicious of him. His faith is revealed and tested during a storm off the coast of Cyprus, where he gives his life trying to save his shipmates. Cælius later wakes to find himself floating down the River Styx into hell.

What happens to him there? Can he evade the demonic raiders and underwater monsters seeking lost souls? Does he find his friend Ioannes? Will he, too, witness the appearance of Christ, or is he too late?

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September 16, 2021
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