Courting Chaos

by Kevin Durrant (Author)

How are we meant to understand the worsening ecological crisis, and how do we discover God's presence within it? These are questions Courting Chaos explores with the help of Scripture, art, and poetry. Focusing particularly on the writings of Jeremiah, this book sees parallels between the looming threat of Babylonian invasion which hung over the people of Judah and our own global predicament. Because it offered a hope that would survive the chaos of defeat and exile, the book of Jeremiah is presented as a spiritual resource for us today, as we face living with an increasingly unstable climate. Courting Chaos weaves together the teaching of Jeremiah with the linked ministries of Jonah and Jesus, each of whom came through the chaotic waters of death to deliver a message of hope. Combining this with arresting works of art and poetry, and his own struggles since participating in a pilgrimage to the 2015 Paris Climate Conference, the author thoughtfully applies biblical theology to our current ecological situation.

Publication date
September 01, 2021
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