The Warrior and the Romans

by Mona Askar (Author)
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Sam grew up, he became ten years old. Sam searched inGoogle about the wonders of the world and suggested to visitthe great Colosseum in Italy. Sam found out that The Colosseum was built by the RomanEmpire to enjoy watching !ghts and battles until death. He reached the Colosseum and started imagining the !ghts andwarriors. He realized how lucky he was that he would never gothrough similar !ghts.At that moment, he saw a man telling him that he shouldn't beso happy, there are certain things waiting for him.Sam noticed that he was given the responsibility by the GreekGods to change everything in the Colosseum. He needed tostop the !ghts and replace them with art.In this trip, Sam will go through lots of adventures, !ghts andbattles to change the Colosseum and protect the !ghters. Do you think Sam will succeed?

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September 09, 2021
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