Tales of an Enchanted New Mexico

Tales of an Enchanted New Mexico

by Roger Martínez (Author)
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Tales of an Enchanted New Mexico begins and ends with tales from Old New Mexico brought over
dusty trails from Spain into the New World, and finally into Northern New Spain, ie, Northern New
Mexico. Both La Llorona and Comadre Sebastiana have been adapted into short stories from the
traditional mythological tales they are.

The story of the Comanches is based in the late 1700’s, taken from the Comanche perspective as they
lived their lives, and their interactions with local communities both Pueblo People and Spanish, and
the government of their time.

Manitou Bridge, the Taos Rio Grande Gorge Bridge story, as the Algonquian word manitou means,
supernatural forces that permeate the world and in this case, brings animation to the major bridges in
the story, as Manitou Springs in Colorado, by immersing oneself in the natural springs, one is animated.

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August 27, 2021
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