Small Bodies of the Solar System

by Hans Rickman (Author)
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Amongst the famous planetary inhabitants of our solar system there is an entire ecosystem of smaller, less recognised bodies in the form of comets and 'minor' planets. These native residents, derived from the building blocks of planets, contain valuable information. By studying them in detail, we may learn about the processes that occurred from the Sun's birth to the emergence of the solar system as we know it today.Small Bodies of the Solar System paints a detailed picture of the space missions, laboratory experiments and computer experiments behind our current understanding of the comets, minor planets, meteors and meteorites. With a rich selection of pictures, this book combines personal reflection and poetic imagery with a mathematical and physical overview to introduce the reader to these small wonders of our universe.Contents:

  • Preface
  • About the Author
  • Acknowledgements
  • What Is a Comet?: Chasing the Nucleus
  • Minor Planets and Dwarf Planets: Splinters and Survivors
  • The Smallest Pieces: Meteors and Meteorites
  • The Evolution of Comets: Capture, Fake Death and Outbursts
  • Space Projectiles: A Hazard to Humanity
  • How It All Started: The Birth of Our Solar System
  • Water, Life and Death: Existential Aspects of Comets
  • Index

Readership: This book is aimed at a general readership, particularly those who enjoy watching documentaries and reading popular scientific magazines. It will also be of value to organised amateur astronomers and the community of planetary scientists around the world. At university, it may be adopted as popular reading by teachers of courses in astronomy or space sciences.Comets;Asteroids;Minor Planets;Dwarf Planets;Meteorites;Meteors;Shooting Stars;CometNuclei;Meteor Showers;Sungrazing Comets;Asteroid Families;Space Missions;Apollo Project;Rosetta Mission;Deep Impact Mission;Comet Halley;Comet Hale-Bopp;Vesta;Ceres;Bennu;Apophis;Pluto;Charon;Kuiper Belt;Transneptunians;Sedna;Oort Cloud;NearEarth Asteroids;The Impact Hazard;Mass Extinctions;K/T Boundary;Chicxulub Crater;Protoplanetary Disks;Star Clusters;Solar Nebula;Planetesimals;Extrasolar Planets;Planet Migration;Nice Model00

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August 18, 2021
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