I sleep through the night

I sleep through the night

by Dellisanti Gabriella (Author)
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Sleeping through the night is possible.

Mums and dads: well done! You’re demonstrating your willingness for things to change, just by showing interest for this book and, let me tell you, this is a very good first step. You will only need 7 more steps, the ReSleeping® method ones, to help your baby naturally sleep through the night. This is a method that I have come up with after years of experience as a sleeping consultant for children and nursery educator, specific to help all the mums and dads whose children have problems sleeping and wake up throughout the night.

Do you worry about leaving your crying baby alone in their room? It won’t be like this. The ReSleeping® method is based on cuddles and the emotional tuning you have with your baby, as well as communication. You will never have to leave them to cry, but you will need to understand their real needs and satisfy them by finding out their natura falling asleep path. You will only be able to help your baby relax and to have a satisfactory sleep once you have understood their own personal habits. as soon as you have learned to understand them and to communicate with them in their own language, everything will change, and they will start naturally sleeping.

The ReSleeping® method is a path that all the family should take together with their baby; finding a good balance during the night will draw you closer and will make you happier. It will also give you back that harmony that sometimes the lack of sleep takes away from you, and it will help the baby grow well and become a strong and healthy adult.

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August 30, 2021
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