Cyber Politics in US–China Relations

by Cuihong Cai (Author)
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Cyber issues are of utmost importance and sensitivity for US–China relations today. The combination of cyber and politics is also developing from 'low politics' to 'high politics'. This book discusses cyber politics in US–China relations from four distinct aspects: first, the overall analysis of the role and manifestation of cyber politics in international relations from a theoretical perspective; second, the main issues regarding cyber politics in US–China relations; third, the factors influencing cyber politics in US–China relations; and fourth, the prospect and practice of cyber politics in US–China relations.Based on an exploration of issues in cybersecurity, cyberspace governance, ideology and the power tussle in cyberspace between the US and China, as well as an analysis of the factors influencing cyber politics in the bilateral relations from the perspective of strategy, discourse, and trust, this book asserts that cyberspace is rapidly becoming a new arena for the geopolitical games between the US and China. A new form of cyber geopolitics is thus emerging.Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Theoretical Perspective of Cyber Politics in International Relationss
  • The Reality of US–China Cyber Politics: Competition, Conflict, and Cooperation
  • Geopolitics of Cyberspace: The Essence of Cyber Politics in US–China Relations
  • US–China Cyber Political Issues: Ideological Expansion of America in the Context of Cyber Politics
  • US–China Cyber Political Issues: Cybersecurity and Governance Issues in US–China Relations
  • Strategic Perspective of Cyber Political Analysis: Strategic Choices in Cyberspace for the US and China
  • Discourse Perspective of Cyber Political Analysis: A Case Study of the Narrative of Cyber War between the US and China
  • Trust Perspective in Cyber Political Analysis: Strategic Mutual Trust between the US and China in Cyberspace
  • The New Big Power Relations between the US and China in the Framework of a Community of a Shared Future in Cyberspace
  • Conclusion

Readership: Advanced undergraduates and graduate students in politics and US-China studies, professionals, policy makers.Cyber Politics;Cyber Security;Sino–US Relations;US–China Relations;Cyberspace Governance;Cyber Strategy;Cyber War;Strategic Mutual Trust;Community of Shared Future'In this timely book, Cuihong Cai of Fudan University in Shanghai, China, traces the development of the current difficult standoff between the United States and China in the cyber realm and the history of efforts toward international governance of this anarchic global commons.' See full review - Susan ThorntonSenior Fellow at the Paul Tsai China Center, Yale Law School;Former Acting Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs

'Cai's work provides a comprehensive and engaging discussion of competition and cooperation, including divergent views and shared concerns on this subject. It is a must-read for anyone who is interested in cybersecurity and US–China relations.' See full review - Cheng LiDirector and Senior Fellow of Brookings Institution's John L Thornton China Center

'The conflict between China and the US will define international relations for a generation. What we have called cyberspace, the growing domain of digitally connected devices, will be one of the most important arenas for this conflict. This will not be the traditional clash of military forces, but battles over technology, standards and ultimately ideas. Securing networks against attacks and spying is a first step, and this book lays out important conceptual differences in how China and the US think about cybersecurity that each side must recognize to deal effectively with the other.' - James Andrew LewisSenior Vice President and Director, Strategic Technologies Program, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Washington, DC

'In this clear and comprehensive analysis, Cuihong Cai successfully evokes the nuanced global conversation ongoing about how we live together in cyberspace. She has painted a well-researched picture of the geopolitics of cyberspace and the challenges of governing a new domain using old thinking and old methods. Cyberspace has gone beyond the scope of sovereign governance, and yet, as Cai clearly shows, the competition of Chinese and American economic and security interests continues to play out in cyberspace without a clear path to resolution. This book is a key resource for anyone trying to discern how the great powers will coexist in the modern world.' - Bruce W McConnellPresident, EastWest Institute

Key Features:

  • This book will help to break the monopoly position of western scholars on the cyber issue and balance the cognitive sources of western society on cyber issues in China–US relations
  • As the first book to study the cyber politics in Sino–US relations, its logic and systematicness give it both academic and policy reference value
  • The author of this book is a pioneer in the study of cyber issues between China and the United States. She has studied this topic for more than 20 years and is a prominent scholar in this field in China

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July 29, 2021
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